Protect field crops from their pests
in an innovative and bio-inspired way
Empowering everyone against pests
using breakthrough bio-innovation and data starting 2022

Plant pests are a global hurdle

From farmers to home gardeners, pests have the potential to affect all tree crops worldwide, causing significant social and economic damage
billion $
Annual losses for the arboricultural sector
fruit tree variety threatened
of farmer's annual sales is lost
every year because of devastation

The use of pesticides is a lure

They destroy the ecosystem and biodiversity.
They are also dangerous for humans.

An alternative to their uses has become essential

An alternative with bio-inspired technology and smart data for every plot

Green leafGreen leafGreen leaf
Introducing an innovative and healthy system for the protection of arboriculture against pest

Cearitis' solution

An autonomous and responsible trap

Solar panels
Allow the autonomous power supply of the technical system
Smart geo-localized data
A complete study of the plots and their agro-ecological needs for optimized monitoring and protection
Bio-inspired technology
New molecules similar to the natural attraction of fruit, attract pest efficiently.
Then, thanks to our innovative technology, the insects are trapped.
Internal storage
Autonomous supply of solution and autonomous evacuation of used solution

Cearitis, the bio-inspired and autonomous alternative to pesticide and insecticide

Available on agricultural plots starting 2022

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